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UMD Campus from above

Quantum Business

Starts at Maryland

The Quantum Startup Foundry (QSF) brings together the physical and virtual resources needed to support entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses in accelerating quantum technologies’ time to market.

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Years of Quantum Research
Among Public Institutions in Quantum Physics
Researchers with a focus on Quantum Science

Quantum Processor

The Capital of Quantum

The Quantum Startup Foundry is conveniently located adjacent to the University of Maryland campus. This space has a combination of offices, conference rooms, and dry labs. It is also connected to the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads(MAX), which provides secure internet connections suitable for large research projects with high bandwidth needs, such as those in quantum. The Quantum Startup Foundry will eventually move to a new development taking place at the gateway to the Discovery District directly across from the main campus entrance at Campus Drive and Baltimore Avenue.

Discovery District

About Quantum at Maryland

The University of Maryland (UMD) is widely recognized as one of the top global quantum powerhouses, as well as a leading driver of innovation and entrepreneurship. As the organizers of the Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance (MQA), UMD has created the largest regional quantum expertise collective in the world.

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